Home Space – Letting People In

One of the first things that struck me when walking around the residential areas of Yogyakarta was how many front doors were open. Sleepy streets with potted plants dotted around outside and food carts tock-tocking along and all the doors open wide for all to see inside. This struck me for two reasons – theContinue reading “Home Space – Letting People In”

Indonesia in focus at the London Book Fair 2019

Riding in as the Islands of Imagination, Indonesia takes centre stage at this year’s London Book Fair. Twelve authors from around the archipelago will be at the event showcasing the country’s diverse literature and culture. Joining the Book Fair will be the Lontar Foundation, the Jakarta based organisation that has translated and documented Indonesian literatureContinue reading “Indonesia in focus at the London Book Fair 2019”

Remembering Rando

Before Instagram really took off and anonymous social sharing was the thing, there was an app called Rando. This app allowed you to take a circular picture and would anonymously send it to someone around the world, and in return you would receive an anonymous image back. It was purposefully restrictive. You couldn’t zoom andContinue reading “Remembering Rando”

Positive News out of Indonesia

Last year was officially the deadliest year in over a decade in Indonesia and the country has had a lot to mull over coming into 2019. Normally keeping itself out of the headlines, this year has seen the archipelago unable to keep out of the news for a whole number of tragedies. Tsunamis, earthquakes, andContinue reading “Positive News out of Indonesia”

Horror Films and Rumah Belanda, a Looming Presence.

It’s a Saturday night in Jogjakarta and the cinema is packed with young people and families coming to watch both local and international blockbusters. One film that has filled the theatre, Danur, tells the story of a family haunted by a Nanny from the colonial period coming to lure their child into the underworld. TheContinue reading “Horror Films and Rumah Belanda, a Looming Presence.”

Ngayogjazz 2018

Mango fruits hanging over the main stage, ducks wandering through the pathways, grandpas watching as the preparations take place holding babies, thus begins the morning of Ngayogjazz Festival 2018. Each year Ngayogjazz takes place in a small village in the countryside of Jogjakarta, Indonesia. Aiming to pull jazz away from the high-class theatres and barsContinue reading “Ngayogjazz 2018”

Spiritual Queens and Real Queens in Jogjakarta.

Parangtritis beach on the Southern coast of Java is an atmospheric place. With deep black volcanic sand and powerful waves which leave the air salty and thick, it’s no wonder it has a spiritual resonance with the people of the region, Jogjakarta. Parangtritis is most famous for its spiritual inhabitants, Kanjeng Ratu Loro Kidul, orContinue reading “Spiritual Queens and Real Queens in Jogjakarta.”

Happy Halloween – A Potted History.

The 31st of October always fills me with a sense of excitement, no matter how old I get. From the nights getting darker earlier to the orange leaves crunching underfoot, for me Halloween marks the beginning of the prolonged festive season intersected with cosy nights in cradling mugs of hot chocolate and cold autumnal walks. MyContinue reading “Happy Halloween – A Potted History.”

Holding onto the Line

I worked in a call centre at university raising money for a number of charitable causes the university had. Although the causes for the call centre were good, I struggled with the prospect of calling the same people each year and asking for a slightly larger amount of money. Being an English literature student meantContinue reading “Holding onto the Line”